Product Description

This A-Frame set stands at 5’ high and has a heavy-duty tarp roof for shade for sun protection. The 3-position swing beam has two soft grip belt swings and a soft grip bucket baby swing. Under the tower is a 3-rope tire swing.


Dimensions: 23′ x 17′

Key Features: Two slides, cargo net and rock wall, 5′ x 5′ platform with canvas roof.

Special instructions: Allow 3′ on all sides if adding a mulch border.

Features & Options

Standard Features
  • Swings: 2 Belt Swings with soft grips, a 2-person plastic glider with soft grips & a child’s seat.
  • Swing, slide, color, roof, and fun components (captain’s wheel, fireman’s pole, tic-tac-toe panel, etc.) can all be customized to your specifications.

This playset also features 2 slides; 10’ Wonder wave and 5’ Sidewinder Enclosed Slide. For easy access this playset has a ladder w/ handrail, as well as a Cargo Net and Rockwall. Perfect for all ages!!